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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

BOOK REVIEW: Foods that Fight Disease (by L. Beck)

FOODS THAT FIGHT DISEASE; a nutrition guide to staying healthy for
life (Penguin Canada, 2008, 442 pages, ISBN 978-0-14-305657-7, $24 CAD
soft covers) is by Registered Dietician Leslie Beck who has authored
seven other nutrition books. She appears regularly on TV and radio, and
in newspapers ( Recipe development and nutritional
analysis is by Michelle Gelok. This is a guide to what to eat to help
prevent the big seven from happening: cancer, stroke, type 2 diabetes,
high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, osteoporosis, and heart
disease. Research clearly links certain diets and foods to disease
prevention. Thus, you should eat all the right foods and avoid all the
worst foods. This should be AS EASY AS PIE to do – but only if you want
to live. Her book is a list of valuable foods, oils and beverages,
along with how to buy and store and prepare. There are nutritional
advisories on carbos, protein, fat, minerals, vitamins and
phytochemicals. The 100 recipes are followed by appendices with a power
foods checklist, herbs and spices, plus a guide to reading nutrition
labels. Her power foods do not mention meat, and fish/seafood is twice
a week only. There are end notes but no bibliography.
Audience and level of use: this is a good reference book.
Some interesting or unusual recipes/facts: blueberry and roasted walnut
spinach salad, whole grain millet waffles with orange and raspberries,
blueberry banana smoothie, garlic roasted Brussels sprouts, kasha
cabbage rolls, and cashew mango trail mix.
The downside to this book: my copy of this paperback book is already
The upside to this book: there is a general index and a separate recipe
Quality/Price Rating: 90.


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Michael said...

High Blood Pressure Dieting- 5 Free Tips

1. Sodium is often one major cause of high blood pressure. Therefore, our doctor and researchers suggest you reduce your sodium intake to 2,300 milligrams a day. The recommended daily allowance for sodium is 2,400 milligrams a day in the United States. Begin to look at labels.

2. Reduction of meat consumption would also be recommended. If you have to splurge, try to keep it to lean meats including chicken, turkey and fresh fish. Remember that many packaged fish are preserved with sodium.

3. Fresh fruits and vegetable with greatly aid in you high blood pressure dieting. Always stick with fresh, raw fruits and vegetables throughout the day. Be daring and eat a variety of fruit with a variety of color. We would recommend at least 7 servings per day.

4. Try adding to your diet: nuts; seeds, dried beans, and whole grains. This is a nutritious way to get your body the nutrients it needs but also a good way to drop some HBP points.

5. Watch the fat! Fat usually equals cholesterol, saturated fat, trans fat and many high blood pressure ingredients. Try to keep the fat intake to 60 grams per day. Always avoid the unhealthy fast food restaurants because of the temptation to splurge.