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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jan 30/11: Equifera Icewine by Ziraldo launches at Rosewater in Toronto

The Time and Date: Sunday January 30, 2011  6PM to 7 PM
The Event: Launch of Equifera Icewine by Donald Ziraldo, CM
The Venue: Rosewater Restaurant
The Target Audience: friends and wine media.
The Availability/Catalogue: Equifera Estate Icewine is available
through Mondia Alliance agents.
The Quote/Background: Equifera Estate is across the road from Henry of
Pelham winery, and is owned by Kruger Wines who also make Pinot Noir
and Chardonnay. Donald Ziraldo was asked to make an icewine for them.
The Wines: There were 650 cases of the 2009 Riesling ($69 for 375 mL:
bracing, lush, firm citric tones on longer finish), 1500 cases of the
2008 Vidal ($49, not tasted because Chef at Rosewater used the
allotment for cooking later that night), and 200 cases of Cabernet
Franc ($ n/a, limited supply).
The Food: platters were devoted to three recipes from Ziraldo's book
"Icewine". We had copious quantities of such amuse bouche as truffled
cream of cauliflower soup with icewine; icewine marinated pork
medallions with a corn-crusted onion ring; and an icewine and thyme
grilled fig salad with gorgonzola and sherry vinaigrette.
The Downside: it was a cold night outside, but then that's icewine for
The Upside: the event nicely dovetailed with an Opera in Concert at the
St. Lawrence Centre that just concluded 20 minutes before, and I was
able to bring my wife along.
The Contact Person:
The Marketing Effectiveness of this Event (numerical grade): 95.

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