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Thursday, March 24, 2011


1. WHAT'S A WINE LOVER TO DO? (Artisan, 2010; distr. T. Allen, 372
pages, ISBN 978-1-57965-370-5, $17.95 US paper covers) is by Wes
Marshall, wine columnist for many newspapers and magazines in the US.
He also authored and produced "The Wine Roads of Texas" for a publisher
and PBS. It's another primer in Artisan's "What to do?" series, a sort-
of upscale dummy guide or self-help series. It is billed as an
illustrated guide with 334 essential oenophile pointers and tips. It's
a classy inexpensive introduction, with colour pix, presented in Q and
A style with plenty of lists. So there is the ground work of wine
regions, wine grapes, wine types, wine and food matching, wine tasting,
wine shopping (for US), and so forth. He also tackles how to find
Cabernet bargains, how to "talk chardonnay", speak with a sommelier,
predict the taste of a wine from the label, and other matters including
how to wash glasses. There's even a section on vegan wines.
Audience and level of use: beginner
Some interesting or unusual facts: He has a table of wine defects for
returning wines (corked, cooked, oxidized, volatile acidity, brett, and
sulphur, although the latter can disperse when poured).
The downside to this book: do we need another wine primer, even if it
is classy?
The upside to this book: it doesn't use the word "demystify",
preferring to use "mystify".
Quality/Price Rating: 89.

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