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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Event: Dinner/tasting with Grant Edmonds, chief winemaker of Sileni Estates.

The Date and Time: Thursday, May 21, 2015   6PM to 9PM
The Event: Dinner/tasting with Grant Edmonds, chief winemaker of Sileni Estates.
The Venue: Woods Restaurant
The Target Audience: wine writers
The Availability/Catalogue: all wines are available through the agent (Kirkwood Diamond) and/or through LCBO distribution.
The Quote/Background: Grant explored with us the different levels of wines at Sileni. There are 31 scattered over three levels. We had some of the Cellar Selections (entry levels) and some of the single vineyard series. But we did not have any of the EV: Exceptional Vintage line, which are only produced in exceptional years (chardonnay, pinot noir, merlot, semillon LH).
Notes: The wine dinner began with artisanal charcuterie, mustards, crostini, pickles, along with Sauvignon Blanc Cellar Selection Marlborough 2014 [with 15% added semillon]($18.95, +662822), Chardonnay Cellar Selection Hawke's Bay 2014 ($15.95, +358994), and Pinot Noir Cellar Selection Hawke's Bay 2014 (about $19, not yet available at LCB0). Here, we all chatted with Grant about his wines (in general), with the three wines being acidic enough to pair well with fatty meats and pickles. The we sat and got down to tasting business. With wild Digby scallops and crispy confit augmented by bacon we had The Straits Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2014 ($19.95 consignment), an estate single vineyard wine that exuded typical New Zealand savvy tones. With cauliflower ravioli and roasted leeks plus wild mushroom, we had The Lodge Chardonnay Hawke's Bay 2014 ($19.95 consignment), one of my top picks from the recent New Zealand wine trade fair earlier this month. The Plateau Pinot Noir Hawke's Bay 2013 ($19.95, +132142) accompanied the yellowfin tuna with roasted red pepper tapenade, potato, and olives. But I thought the Lodge Chardonnay did a better job of pairing. The Triangle Merlot Hawke's Bay 2013, at 14% ABV, stood up to the Alberta Bison short rib on the bone, with its root veggies and maple whiskey glaze. Since there was no sweetie, I did not stay for dessert.
The Downside: I had just been at the German Wine Show although I did manage to refresh my body and palate.
The Upside: a chance to meet and talk with Grant Edmonds.
The Contact Person:
The Event's Marketing Effectiveness and Execution (numerical grade): 90.

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