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Thursday, August 25, 2016

* DRINK BOOK OF THE MONTH! : True Beer (Sprinkle), pub by Skyhorse Pub

1.TRUE BEER (Skyhorse Publishing, 2016, 199 pages, ISBN 978-1-63450-642-7, $16.99 USD paperbound) is by Timothy Sprinkle, a business journalist and editor living in Denver. His tome is a major work in American beer history by concentrating on the neighbourhood nanobreweries making extremely local beers. There are about 4000 craft breweries in the US (more if you factor in Canada) making hundreds of different styles of beer that are sold locally. In my own part of  the High Park area of Toronto, there are a half-dozen microbreweries within easy walking distance. They all serve good, well-hopped beers, with seasonal variations. Sprinkle's work concentrates mainly on Colorado, which has long been known as the Napa Valley of beer (I heard that phrase back in the early 1970s when I was there).The business part and the names may be of Colorado, but the techniques and the ingredients are global. So apart from the sense of beer community, there are good chapters on styles of beer, the process of beer-making, the ingredients, the flavours, and the need for its local nature. I actually avoid all bottled beer, and prefer draught (or, as in the USA, "draft") beer for its freshness, nonpasteurization, and low carbonation.
Audience and level of use: craft beer lovers.
Some interesting or unusual recipes/facts:  Most nanobreweries are run by owner-operators who control labour costs by absorbing them as the brewers and owner-operators themselves. This justifies higher consumer costs due to the exclusivity of their product. And well worth it!!
Quality/Price Rating: 92.

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