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Monday, August 23, 2010

Gonzalez-Byass Sherry Tasting at Cava, July 6, 2010

The Time and Date: Tuesday, July 6, 2010  5PM to 7PM

The Event: a tasting with Felipe Gonzalez-Gordon of Gonzalez-Byass sherry house.

The Venue: Cava Restaurant

The Target Audience: media and others

The Availability/Catalogue: all the wines are here at Vintages.

The Quote/Background: I barely had a chance to talk with Felipe – it was crowded, hot and noisy, and we both had to shout at each other.

The Wines:


**** Four Stars (91+ in Quality/Price Rating terms):

-Tio Pepe Fino, $15.95, +242669 Vintages – always a fave, sharp and fresh


***1/2 Three and a Half Stars (8890 in Quality/Price Rating terms):

-Alfonso Oloroso Seco, $14.95, +954776 Vintages – lovely bone dry finish over a caramel topping.


*** Three Stars (8587 in Quality/Price Rating terms):

-Nutty Solera Oloroso, $12.95, +35204 Vintages – basic sherry


The Food: tapas such as stuffed mushroom caps, skewered meats, deep fried olives, paella-stuffed mussels, and more.

The Downside: it was hot, crowded, and noisy. Plus, I never got to have one piece of each tapas since it was hard for the one waiter to get through the crowd.

The Upside: in these circumstances, I really enjoyed my Uncle's drink.

The Contact Person:

The Marketing Effectiveness (numerical grade): 83.



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