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Monday, September 6, 2010

South African Red Blends Wine Tasting, July 22, 2010

The Time and Date: Thursday, July 22, 2010  11AM to 2:30 PM

The Event: South African Red Blend Tasting, with Andre Morgenthal of Wines of South Africa (WOSA), followed by a Braai-inspired lunch.

The Venue: LCBO Summerhill Event Kitchen

The Target Audience: wine writers.

The Availability/Catalogue: all wines are in the system somewhere.

The Quote/Background: Andre Morgenthal spoke to the wines, and we had some lively discussions. Most of the wines were Bordeaux-like blends, although some of these also had syrah and others had a big chunk of merlot for softening. Then Andre cooked up a Braai, an Afrikaans styled roast or BBQ, for us after the tasting. We were able to compare and contrast all ten wines with food.

The Wines:


**** Four Stars (91+ in Quality/Price Rating terms):

-De Toren Fusion V 2007 [CS/Mer/Mal/CF/PV], Lifford, $59.95 – my fave

-Rustenberg John X Merriman 2007, Woodman Wines

-Meerlust Rubicon 2005, Lifford, $39.95


***1/2 Three and a Half Stars (8890 in Quality/Price Rating terms):

-Neil Ellis Sauvignon Blanc 2009 – as aperitif, went well with veggies.

-Juno Arthouse Shiraz/Mourvedre 2007, +148593, $14.95

-Boekenhoutskloof The Wolftrap 2009, +626333, $13.95

-KWV Cathedral Cellars Triptych 2006, +53124, $16.95

-Rustenberg Peter Barlow 2006, Woodman Wines


*** Three Stars (8587 in Quality/Price Rating terms):

-Vergelegen Mill Race Cabernet/Merlot 2006, +146530, $17.95

-Cloof Lynchpin 2005, +95232, $49


The Food: the Braai was delicious. We began with grilled BBQ chicken, cut so that we all had some part of the bone for juiciness. Salad included beans (green, yellow, wax, and others) and there was a tomato collection as well. This was all followed by a roasted stew of lamb shanks, again cut with the bone. A cheese platter and biscuits completed the meal. We tried various wines with various foods, and in general, I would have to say that the more modest priced wines went better with the Braai. But then that's the nature of BBQ. I enjoyed the elegant wines on their own, or with the cheeses.

The Downside: we were short a few writers (sickness); they could have added more commentary.

The Upside: hey, more food to go around!

The Contact Person:

The Marketing Effectiveness (numerical grade): 92.


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