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Monday, September 24, 2012


Awesome! Thank you! I'll let Gibbs Smith know.

Danielle Johnson
Senior Publicist

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>1. MERINGUE (Gibbs Smith, 2012; distr. Raincoast, 224 pages, ISBN 978-
>1-4236-2581-0, $24.99 US hard covers) is by Linda K. Jackson (a food
>and beverage marketing executive) and Jennifer Evans Gardner (cookbook
>author and lifestyle writer). Together they came up with a single
>ingredient cookbook for the masses: you cannot have too much meringue
>and sugar for dessert! There's an extensive section on the history and
>development of meringues, a primer on how to do it (ingredients, tools
>techniques), followed by a selection of preps dealing with cookies,
>pavlovas, bars, tarts, pies, cakes, tortes, vacherins, dacquoises,
>meringue frostings, and more. There are three stages of meringue
>(foamy, soft peaks, stiff peaks) and three types (French, Italian, and
>Swiss). Preparations have their ingredients listed in avoirdupois
>measurements, but there is a table of metric equivalents.
>Audience and level of use: those looking for a meringue fix – what to
>do with all those egg whites after you've made crème brulee and crème
>Some interesting or unusual recipes/facts: death by milk chocolate;
>snowballs; s'moringues; meringue pizza; ile flottante with salted
>caramel and toasted hazelnuts; vanilla swiss meringue buttercream;
>raspberry white chocolate vacherin; southern black bottom pie; golden
>apricot bars.
>The downside to this book: no mention of nun's farts (pet de nonne, pet
>des soeur), but there is a chapter on "little clouds".
>The upside to this book: great single ingredient cookbook.
>Quality/Price Rating: 90.
>Chimo! [ ]

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