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Monday, November 26, 2012

Italian Autochthonous (Indigenous) Wines tasted through Appellation Wines

The Date and Time: Thursday, October 25, 2012 2PM to 4:30 PM
The Event: Tasting of Italian autochthonous (indigenous) wine
varieties, represented by Appellation Wines.
The Venue: JAM Café, Carlton Street
The Target Audience: clients, restaurant patrons, wine media,
The Availability/Catalogue: everything was available from through Consignment, in six bottle cases,
ranging in price from $17 to $40 or so a bottle.
The Quote/Background: Ken Hayden has been importing wines made from
indigenous grave varieties for some time, but this year he began
specializing in only Italian wines. He now has some 50 different wines
on Consignment.
The Wines: There were a range of flavours, but the foundations were how
they tasted in terms of known varietal taste profiles. If you like
merlot, then you would appreciate an indigenous variety that comes
close to the velvet plumy taste of a merlot. Still, it was a chance for
exploration and restaurants are always seeking new and interesting
wines. I have indicated the grape variety in parentheses. ALL OF THESE
**** BEST -- Four Stars (91+ in Quality/Price Rating terms):
-Fina Vini Zibibbo [dry] 2011 Sicilia, $20.84
-Alberto Quacquarini 2006 Petronio Marche, $42.00 (vernaccia nera)
-La Crotta di Vegneron 2010 Cornalin Vallee d'Aoste, $28.50 (cornalin)
-I Vini di Emilio Bulfon 2011 Forgiarin Friuli, $20.95 (forgiarin)
-Comelli Paolino Pignolo 2008 Friuli, $28.50 (pignolo)
-D'Uva Angelo Tintilia Del Molise 2009, $23.75
***1/2 BETTER -- Three and a Half Stars (88 – 90 in Quality/Price
Rating terms):
-Alberto Quacquarini Vernacia Nera Serrapetrona 2010, $25 (vernaccia
-Fattoria Paradiso 2008 Barbarossa Il Dosso Emilia-Romagna, $32.70
-Cieck 2011 Erbaluce di Caluso Piemonte, $18.00 (erbaluce)
-Torre Guaceto (Academie Racemi) 2008 Puglia, $25.10 (sussumaniello)
-Anna Spinato 2008 Malanotte del Piave Veneto, $35.00 (raboso)
-Agrivite Valdarno 2009 Pugnitello Tuscany, $37.00 (pugnitello)
-Terralba 2009 La Vetta Moradella Piemonte, $23.00 (mortadella)
-Azienda Guerrieri 2011 Celso Marche, $22.50 (Bianchello del Metauro)
-I Vini di Emilio Bulfon 2011 Piculit Neri Friuli, $22.25 (piculit
-Valentino Fiorini 2011 Bianchello del Metauro Marche, $21.25
(Bianchello del Metauro)
-Conte Collalto 2009 Wildbacher, $22.75 (wildbacher)
-Duca della Corgna 2009 Divina Villa Etichetta Nera, $26.25 (trasimento
-Cantine Sociale Il Nuraghe 2010 Tiernu Sardegna, $22.75 (bovale)
-Terra di Briganti 2011 Sciascinoso Campania, $21.25 (sciascinoso)
-Maison Vigneronne Freres Grosjean 2010 Cornalin Valle d'Aosta, $31.50
-Mannucci Droandi Barsaglina 2010 Tuscany, $32 (barsaglina)
-Mannucci Droandi Foglio Tonda 2010 Tuscany, $32 (foglio tonda)
-Col Dovigo Vespaiolo Breganze Veneto 2011, $20.25 (vespaiolo)
*** GOOD -- Three Stars (85 – 87 in Quality/Price Rating terms):
-Cantine Briamara 2011 Erbaluce di Caluso Biancamano Piemonte, $23.00
-Vinchio Vaglio Serra 2010 Don Rodrigo Piemonte Albarossa, $23.25
-Anna Spinato 2010 Raboso Marca Trevigiana Veneto, $18.25 (raboso)
-Duca della Corgna 2011 Divina Villa Etichetta Bianca Umbria $22.75
(trasimento gamay)
-Vinchio Vaglio Serra 2011 Rebus Piemonte, $22.21 (ruche)
-I Vini di Emilio Bulfon 2011 Cjanorie Friuli, $20.95 (cjanorie)
-Santa Venere 2011 Vescovado Calabria, $24.95 (guardavalle)
-Santa Venere 2010 Marsagliana Nera Calabria, $24.95 (marsagliana nera)
-Maison Vigneronne Freres Grosjean 2009 Fumin Valle d'Aosta, $27.00
-Conte Collalto 2011 Rosabianco 1.50 Veneto, $23.00 (manzoni rosa)
The Food: we had small bites of charcuterie, spoons of chick peas,
breads, some cheeses.
The Downside: 50 at one go is Ok for trade professionals, but it could
be hard on clients.
The Upside: the single varietal wines offer an opportunity to
experience distinctive flavours that are seldom, if ever, found in this
The Contact Person:
The Event's Marketing Effectiveness and Execution (numerical grade): 92

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