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Monday, January 28, 2013

Wines of BC tasting at Arcadian Lofts, Jan 15/13

 The Date and Time: Tuesday, January 15, 2013  11AM to 2 PM

The Event: Wines of British Columbia, Winter Wine Tasting.

The Venue: Arcadian Lofts

The Target Audience: sommeliers and wine press

The Availability/Catalogue: all of the wines are available through the LCBO or through Ontario agents.

The Quote/Background: There were 22 wines, including eight repeats with the lunch. Chef Jamie Meireles of Oliver & Bonacini was responsible for the menu, while Chef Michael Robertson of Arcadian and his sous chefs executed the production. Chris Waters of Vines Magazine was MC of the lunch, and introduced the food and wines.

The Wines:


**** BEST -- Four Stars (91+ in Quality/Price Rating terms):

-Eau Vivre Pinot Noir 2008 [organic] LCBO Vintages +308353, $24.95

-Meyer Family Vineyards Pinot Noir Okanagan 2011, $33.95 Terroir Wine

-Meyer Family Vineyards Reimer Vineyard Pinot Noir Okanagan 2010 LCBO Vintages Online, +312645 $49.95

-Sandhill Chardonnay 2010, $17.95 Small Winemakers

-Sandhill Small Lots One 2010, $35 Small Winemakers

-Quails Gate Chardonnay 2011, +377770, $21.95

-Sperling Vineyards Old Vines Riesling 2010, $34  Trialto

-Sperling Vineyards Sparkling Pinot Blanc Brut 2008, $40  Trialto


***1/2 BETTER -- Three and a Half Stars (8890 in Quality/Price Rating terms):

-Eau Vivre Chardonnay 2010 Similkameen Valley, $23.95 Terroir Wine

-Eau Vivre Buddhafull 2010 Similkameen Valley, $36.95 Terroir Wine

-Meyer Family Vineyards Chardonnay Okanagan 2011, $29.95 Terroir Wine

-Mission Hill Quatrain 2008, +218636, $44.95

-Mission Hill Reserve Chardonnay 2010, +545004, $19.95

-Sandhill Cabernet Merlot 2010, $19.95 Small Winemakers

-Osoyoos Larose Le Grand Vin

-Sperling Vineyards Old Vines Riesling 2011, +134486, $34


*** GOOD -- Three Stars (8587 in Quality/Price Rating terms):

-Eau Vivre Malbec 2010 Similkameen Valley, $33.95 Terroir Wine

-Meyer Family Vineyards Gewurztraminer McLean Creek Vineyard Okanagan 2011, $27.50 Terroir Wine

-Gray Monk Estate Gewurztraminer 2011, +321588, $19.95

-Gray Monk Estate Chardonnay Unwooded 2011, +303745, $19.95

-Sandhill Small Lots Sangiovese 2009, $30 Small Winemakers

-Quails Gate Pinot Noir 2010, +585760, $24.95


The Food: here's the Wines of BC Wine Pairing Menu


FIRST COURSE – Amuse (too large for an amuse but great food anyway)

Sperling Vineyards Old Vines Riesling 2011

Gray Monk Gewurztraminer 2011

* Citrus Cured Salmon

Cantaloupe & Sweet Onion Pickle, Daikon Salad

Chamomile Scented Crème Fraîche, Lemon Balm


SECOND COURSE – Appetizer (terrific soup)

Sandhill Chardonnay 2010

Meyer Family Vineyard Okanagan Valley Chardonnay 2011

* Parsnip Crème

Spice Roasted Pear & Lemon Biscotti

Chestnut Espuma


THIRD COURSE – Main (but not with the pinot, better with the blends below which were slated with the cheese)

Eau Vivre Pinot Noir 2008

Quails Gate Pinot Noir 2010

* Port Cured Boneless Braised Beef Short Rib

Roasted Beet, Mascarpone Polenta, Walnut & Brussels Sprout


FOURTH COURSE – Dessert (cheese course: call it that)

Osoyoos Larose Le Grand Vin 2008

Mission Hill Quatrain 2008

* Thunder Oak Gouda, Grand Chevre des Alpes

Fig & Filbert Press, Cranberry Chocolate Sour Dough, Walnut Pickle


The Downside: Constellation Brands was in short supply -- only one wine was at the event (Osoyoos Larose) yet they have many properties!

The Upside: our first event of 2013!!!

The Contact Person: or

The Event's Marketing Effectiveness and Execution (numerical grade): 92


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