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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

* DRINK BOOK OF THE MONTH! *: Postmodern Winemaking

POSTMODERN WINEMAKING; rethinking the modern science of an ancient
craft (University of California Press, 2013, 344 pages, ISBN 978-0-520-
27519-5, $34.95 US hard covers) is by Clark Smith, world renowned
winemaker for Diamond Ridge vineyards and WineSmith Cellars. He's a
teacher and wine consultant, specializing in wine chemistry
fundamentals. His column "The Postmodern Winemaker" has appeared in
Wines & Vines since 2009. From the Preface, "The book consists of
twenty-five chapters, two appendices, and a glossary. It is largely
based…on material compiled from my monthly columns in Wines and Vines
magazine and articles published by and Practical
Vineyard and Winery magazine, reworked to include a lay audience."
Smith is a leading innovator in red wine production techniques. He says
that great wines demand a personal and creative engagement with many
elements of the process. So he shows us this process, along with
profiles of others doing the same thing. Smith is a polarizing figure
in the California wine world, but the book is eminently readable as he
runs through the process of oaking, vineyard management, oxygenation,
minerality, brettanomyces, and other tools available to the winemaker.
Quality/price rating: 90.

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