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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Tasting of wines from the South Coast portion of Lake Erie (Ontario South Coast Wineries and Growers Association and WCO)

The Date and Time: Tuesday, May 27, 2014  8AM to 6PM
The Event: A tasting of wines from the South Coast portion of Lake Erie, centered around Port Dover, sponsored by Ontario South Coast Wineries and Growers Association and Wine Country Ontario plus local suppliers.
The Venue: Aboard the Kayloe
The Target Audience: select wine media from Toronto and Niagara
The Availability/Catalogue: wines are at the winery, most are for sale or will be soon (we tasted some tank samples).
The Quote/Background: There were welcoming words from Mike McArthur, President of OSCWGA, Magdalena Kaiser-Smit from OWC, Doug Beatty from Burning Kiln, and the Mayor of Port Dover (thankfully, not yet in re-election speechifying mode). Judy Buck, the administrator of the Ontario South Coast Wineries and Growers Association, said: "Magdalena Kaiser-Smit was a huge help, we appreciated her advice and the funding from WCO. We also want to thank our other sponsors who helped us, Ontario Southwest Tourism, Norfolk County, and the County of Haldimand. In addition to this each winery also contributed financially, as well as Doug Beatty from Burning Kiln Winery. Here are some facts about our area:
* We have 11 wineries in total (2 in Elgin, 1 Haldimand, 8 in Norfolk)
of these 8 are open, the other 3 are in various stages of "opening" but all
are in production.)
* We are both grape and fruit wineries, with 3 wineries that are
exclusively fruit wine including ciders.
* We have about 130 acres of grapes, these are located in both Elgin
and Norfolk counties with the majority being in Norfolk counties."
The Wines:
**** BEST -- Four Stars (91+ in Quality/Price Rating terms):
-Burning Kiln Stick Shaker Savagnin 2012, $24.95
-Burning Kiln Stick Shaker Savagnin 2013, $24.95
-Burning Kiln Kiln Hanger – The Sequel 2010, $59.95, also $119.95 magnum
-Wooden Bear Bear Claw Hard Cider, $3
-Dover Vineyards Smoke & Gamble Gewurztraminer Sussreserve 2011, $24.95
-Quai du Vin Red Signature Series 2012, $12.50
-Quai du Vin Chardonnay 2012, $13.50
-Burning Kiln Chardonnay 2013, $19.95
***1/2 BETTER -- Three and a Half Stars (88 – 90 in Quality/Price
Rating terms):
-Burning Kiln Kiln Hanger 2011, $50
-Burning Kiln Harvest Party Red 2013, $15.95
-Burning Kiln Harvest Party White 2013, $15.95
-Burning Kiln Horse & Boat Riesling 2013, $19.95
-Burning Kiln Cab Frank 2012, $24.95
-Burning Kiln Strip Room 2012, $24.95
-Burning Kiln Chenin Blanc 2010, $24.95 500 mL sweet
-Dover Vineyards Frisky Beaver White 2012, $13.95
-Dover Vineyards Smoke & Gamble Merlot Reserve 2011, $22.75
-Dover Vineyards Smoke & Gamble Cabernet Franc Apassimento 2012, $39.95
-Bonnieheath Estate Don't Count Your Chickens [frontenac gris]2013, $18
-Quai du Vin Merlot 2012, $16
-Quai du Vin Aurore-Muscat Petillants 2013, $12.50
-Blueberry Hill Estate Blueberry 2011, $14.95
*** GOOD -- Three Stars (85 – 87 in Quality/Price Rating terms):
-Burning Kiln Riesling 2013, $19.95
-Wooden Bear Gala, $14.95 [apple]
-Golden Leaf Pinot Noir 2012, $14.80
-Golden Leaf Merlot 2012
-Golden Leaf Chambourcin 2011, $18.20
-Golden Leaf Baco Noir 2011, $18.20
-Bonnieheath Estate Seyval Blanc 2012, $16-17
-Bonnieheath Estate Off-Dry White Blend 2013, $16-18
-Bonnieheath Estate Marquette 2012, $17-19
-Bonnieheath Estate Rose 2013,
-Villa Nova Estate Trout Fly Riesling 2012, $13.95
-Villa Nova Estate Pinot Noir 2012, $15.95  
-Villa Nova Estate Norfolk Red 2013, $11.95 
-Villa Nova Estate Mystery of HRIO 2013, $11.95 [new grapes from Vineland Station]
-Blueberry Hill Estate Vidal 2012
-Wooden Bear Marechal Foch 2011
The Food: Caterer Liz from F.W. Knechtel flipped her lid into the water, her chafing dish lid was blown away (by the wind)! As were we by the battered perch and pan-fried perch, the local lake-fish. Other great treats included local (Norfolk) asparagus with meaty bacon, shaved roast beef, antipasto skewers, local cheeses, French stick, focaccia, wild mushroom cheese log with local mushrooms, and a knockout dessert of rhubarb and strawbs from Urban Parisian. I accompanied my food with Quai du Vin Chardonnay and Wooden Bear Gala and Bear Claw Hard Cider. Good pairings they were with the perch!
The Downside: it was a long drive down and back, about 6 hours total.
The Upside: the cruise was great, the weather co-operated (thunderstorms were called for, but never appeared), and Transport Canada exempted us from the glassware restrictions.
The Contact Person:
The Event's Marketing Effectiveness and Execution (numerical grade): 88.

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