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Monday, August 11, 2014

The Event: Pan American Food Festival Launch of Peruvian Pisco Santiago Queirolo Pisco Acholado 2013

The Date and Time: Sunday August 10, 2014  3PM to 5PM
The Event: Pan American Food Festival Launch of Peruvian Pisco Santiago Queirolo Pisco Acholado 2013
The Venue: Daniels Spectrum
The Target Audience: wine and food media
The Availability/Catalogue: this pisco is not yet available in Ontario, but was launched here as part of Peru's sponsorship of the Pan Am Food Festival. Jose Luis Peroni, Director of the Trade Office of Peru spoke to us about Peru. They will be hosting the Pan Am games in Lima in 2019.
The Quote/Background: Giancarol Cassinelli Ledgard, director of exports, spoke about his pisco with a slide presentation
The Beverages: we had three beverages. First up was Ciao Bianco Pinot Grigio NV IGT Veneto, one litre tetra pak at $12.65, +669200, a colourless vinous wine suitable for quaffing. Next there was a fabulous Mexican red, L.A. Cetto Petite Sirah 2011, which has been coming into Vintages for quite some time and is now a Vintages Essential at $11.95, +988742. I had some that was opened the night before, it was pretty good in flavour. The fresh sample I had was still tannic, so I'd suggest a double-(or more) decant first. The highlight was of course the Peruvian Pisco Santiago Queirolo Pisco Acholado 2013, 42% ABV, competitively priced but not yet available in Ontario. Pisco is made from grapes of the muscat family, so the flavour and character is pretty much grapey, a good thing. The closest I can some to would be Italian Moscato grappa. But Giancarlo took pains to assure me that the clear spirit comes from fresh-pressed grape juice, and not pomace. They make other pisco, notably "uva Quebranta" and "uva Italia".
The company also makes a range of wines, and these too might be available in Ontario – in the run-up to the Peruvian Pan Am games.
The Food: Moustache Friendly, through Prince Massey, provided the food, with a detailed deiscussion on how the food goes with pisco and wines. We began with spicy beets and goat cheese salad on biscuits with sprouts, continuing with tandoori skewers with a jalpeno/mango chutney, then a bison burger on thinly sliced ciabatta. This was followed by picana (tri-tip, best cut in Latin America) both with and without grilled pineapple, and then skewers of fruit. Excellent preparations and catering all round, kudos.
The Downside: there were only about 20 people attending
The Upside: a chance to taste some wine and pisco with the food of Moustache Friendly.
The Contact Person:;;;
The Event's Marketing Effectiveness and Execution (numerical grade): 85.


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