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Saturday, August 1, 2015

* FOOD BOOK OF THE MONTH! * == Tres Green, Tres Clean, Tres Chic (The Experiment)

TRES GREEN, TRES CLEAN, TRES CHIC (The Experiment, 2014, 2015, 224 pages, ISBN 978-1-61519-251-9, $19.95 US paper covers) is by Rebecca Leffler, a former French film journalist now doing "Green, Clean, and Chic" consultancies in New York and Paris. The book was originally published in French in 2014, and was translated for the US market. It is vegan and seasonal French cooking, along with gluten-free elements. The subtitle pretty much says it all: "eat (and live!) the new French way with plant-based gluten-free recipes for every season". She's also got some beauty tips, yoga poses, and happy music to sing along with. At the back she's got resources lists. There is also a lot of log rolling blurbs (about 10 endorsements) including David Lebovitz. She's got 150 or so plant-based recipes with no gluten, soy and refined sugar, arranged by season. Other material serves as positive reinforcement (yoga, natural treatments, and music to sing along to). There are also contributed recipes from a dozen or so other writers and restaurateurs. Preparations have their ingredients listed in small type and mostly avoirdupois measurements, but there is no table of metric equivalents unfortunately.
Audience and level of use: millennials
Some interesting or unusual recipes/facts: green smoothies; rainbow tomato carpaccio with raspberries and purple basil; spring salad with mustard-miso vinaigrette; healthy wrap sandwiches; muesli; baby dahl; NOtella spread.
The downside to this book: slight ADHD feelings due to jittery typefaces, colours, layout and the like. But I'm sure millennials fit right in, and it is juts me being crabby.
The upside to this book: good idea for all things French.
Quality/Price Rating: 89.


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