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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Event: A tasting of Nova Scotia wines, including 12 Tidal Bay whites from 2014

The Date and Time: Tuesday December 15 2015   5PM to 8PM
The Event: A tasting of Nova Scotia wines, including 12 Tidal Bay whites from 2014
vintage, and some Andrew Peller Wine Imports.
The Venue: WWCC Fieldhouse
The Target Audience: Members of the Wine Writers Circle of Canada
The Availability/Catalogue: all wines are available in Nova Scotia, and maybe some
of the Andrew Peller Imports too.
The Quote/Background: 12 of Nova Scotia's grape wineries make "Tidal Bay Nova
Scotia's Premier White Wine" . Via Tony Aspler, the WWCC was given a sample of
all 12 from the 2014 vintage. They mostly range from  10 -  11% ABV from a majority
of 4 approved local white grape varieties (L'Acadie, Seyval, Vidal, Geisenheim 318).
By a panel tasting, they must have grape aromatics.
The Wines: All the wines were labelled Tidal Bay 2014. Prices are Nova Scotia retail.
These are my scores only, and are not reflective of the WWCC: this was not a
**** BEST -- Four Stars (91+ in Quality/Price Rating terms):
--Benjamin Bridge 9.5% ABV   $21.95
***1/2 BETTER -- Three and a Half Stars (88 – 90 in Quality/Price Rating terms):
-Lightfoot & Wolfville  $22
-Annapolis Highland Vineyards
*** GOOD -- Three Stars (85 – 87 in Quality/Price Rating terms):
-Mercator Vineyard   $24.99
-Luckett Vineyard Gaspereau Valley   $22
-Blomidon Estate  $19.99
-Domaine Grand Pre $19.99
-Avondale Sky  $19.99
-Gaspereau Vineyards  $21.99
-Sainte Famille 
-Planters Ridge
Other wines tasted from Nova Scotia include  Avondale Sky Bliss 2014 8.2% ABV
(86),  Gaspereau Vineyards Muscat 2013  12% ABV (91), Jost 4 Skins Red NV  12%
MF/Lucie Kuhlman/Millot/Castel (86), Blomidon Marechal Foch 2010  12% (surprise!
91 surprise!), Luckettt Vineyards Black Cab NV  Cab Foch/Castel/Precose (88).
From Andrew Peller Wine Imports (all reds):
-Chateau de Courteillac Bordeaux 2014 LCBO +360552, $12.95 (86)
-Hahn Monterey Pinot Noir 2014 LCBO +226555, $18.95 (89)
-Vina Zaco Rioja Tempranillo 2014 Vintages +146209 $14.95 (87)
-Vina Pomal Reserva Rioja 2010 Vintages Dec 12 $21.95 (91)
The Food: bread and water
The Contact Person:
The Event's Marketing Effectiveness and Execution (numerical grade): 92.


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