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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

FAST & FEARLESS COOKING FOR THE GENIUS (For the Genius Press, 2016, 287 pages, $24.95US paper covers, by Ann Tudor

FAST & FEARLESS COOKING FOR THE GENIUS (For the Genius Press, 2016, 287 pages, ISBN 978-1-941050-27-9, $24.95US paper covers, PDF eBook $21.95US) is by Ann Tudor, my wife and head chef at home. A MAJOR CONFLICT OF INTEREST IS BEING DECLARED...The publisher says: "Home cooking is making a comeback, whether for health, entertainment, economy, or the simple joy of learning. Ann Tudor's cooking philosophy focuses on impromptu, innovative, and improvisational meals. Instead of set recipes, the book emphasizes riffing and playing with food." Here are kitchen secrets, stories, and free-wheeling kitchen moves. For anyone who forgot to learn how to cook, this is a chance to learn. The book is a boon to those who need to get food on the table with no delay. Long-time cooks as well will find new tricks and tips to encourage efficiency and improvisation. This is more than cooking wisdom; it is also a tight little stash of timeless kitchen secrets. Ann Tudor shares her revelations and shortcuts and revolutionary ideas, pulling readers into the warmth of her kitchen and her life. Here are meals and dishes that you can prepare when you get home (exhausted) from work, much less expensive than a diet of take-out and restaurant meals. She teaches you to fly by the seat of your pants, to cook without a net. In short, to riff. She outlines basic and easy principles and techniques for cooking. Using ingredients and methods that are sometimes idiosyncratic, Ann presents her credo: Don't be afraid, have a basic larder with some normal ingredients and some that are new to you, and approach the whole business in a spirit of play. The eBook alone should be a useful phone/reader text when you think of dinner for tonight – while on your way home! Orders at, use coupon code "fast-fearless-cooking-ftg" (no quotes) for discount. Quality/Price Rating: major conflict of interest.


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