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Saturday, December 17, 2016


MEALS FOR ME (Quadrille, 2015, 192 pages, ISBN 978-1-84949-734-3, $29.95 USD hardbound) is by Sam Stern, who has written seven other books. His lifelong mission is to show that anyone can make good food from scratch. This current book, now available in North America fir the first time since its publication last year in the UK, suggests that by cooking a main menu item, you can be halfway to preparing a second dish for the next day. Basic supermarket packages are for two or more, and what Stern proposes is that you can make two meals from one for less time and less money and f]less food waste.  OK, so it is basic stuff: one core ingredient, two meals. There is the technique, the primer (kitchen essentials, pantry items, equipment), and the arrangement. Chapters deals with meats, from chicken through duck, beef, pork, lamb, fish, veggies, and sweets. It is a male approach (left brain analysis) that calls for proper organization.
Preparations have their ingredients listed in both metric and avoirdupois measurements, but there is no table of equivalents.
Audience and level of use: men, students, those who cook for one or two.
Some interesting or unusual recipes/facts: beer and orange chicken can be used for Asian chicken salad in its second coming; chicken teriyaki can be chicken-cheese nachos later;  chicken saag curry becomes chicken tikka kabobs; beef and tatties can be cottage pie.
The downside to this book: I wanted more variations for the second dish.
The upside to this book: a good hook to have a book on cooking.
Quality/Price Rating: 89.

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