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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

* DRINK BOOK OF THE MONTH! * -- The Boat Drinks Book (Bloomsbury)

THE BOAT DRINKS BOOK (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2017, 176 pages, ISBN 978-1-47293-066-1 $20 USD paperbound) is by Fiona Sims. Hey it's even out by summer! She promotes a different tipple in every port, thus giving you the opportunity to come up with an excuse to do some real sailing. This is the drinking culture in key sailing spots around the world. She notes the region and the drinks that are relatively unique to that area, what the locals drink, how it is made, where to go and enjoy it, and what to eat with it. Her coverage embraces distilleries, breweries, and wineries within a short taxi ride of the harbour. She's also got 30 cocktail and drink recipes for local bartending on board. Plus some bar snack suggestions. The arrangement is by region: Atlantic, Mediterranean, Baltic, Pacific, and Caribbean. Canada is included too, but just the West Coast in the Pacific section, and just Okanagan wines. Preparations have their ingredients listed in metric measurements, but there is no table of equivalents.
Audience and level of use: especially boaters
Some interesting or unusual recipes/facts: for the west coast of France there are nibbles of artichoke/feta/ham tart; Florida Keys' nibbles are black bean salsa; in Sweden, try a gravadlax and beetroot.
The downside to this book: I wanted more
The upside to this book: great idea
Quality/Price Rating: 90


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