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Friday, February 14, 2020

* DRINK BOOK OF THE MONTH! * (How to be a Mindful Drinker, DK Books)

1.HOW TO BE A MINDFUL DRINKER; cut down, take a break, or quit (DK Books, 2019, 224 pages, ISBN 978-1-4654-9247-0 $17.99 USD paperback) is very timely after the Christmas holiday period. It's a book about drinking affecting moods, health, and relationships. It comes via the "Club Soda" community, a mindful drinking movement for those who want to cut down alcohol consumption. It all starts with tying in the will to cut back with the mindful movement about why we drink, who we drink with, what we drink and when, how much we consume. This leads to intentions and change, believing in yourself, and avoiding perfection. There are some good ideas here on changing behavioural patterns...Score another one for mindfulness!
Audience and level of use: those who wish to cut back on alcohol.
Some interesting facts: changing involves recognizing your body's health and sleep, feeling moods and stress, boredom, involving and reacting with other people.
The downside to this book: there can be more of an emphasis in this book on alcohol-free clones of drinks when there should really be more detail on liquids that were never part of alcoholic drinks. It is more difficult to change patterns than it is to start up new ones. It's like the vegan approach to hamburgers or Thanksgiving turkeys – make it look and taste pretty close to the original...but why bother? Drink liquids that bear no taste resemblance to alcohol.`
The upside to this book: good stories told by others.
Quality/Price Rating: 91.

May we all have 2020 vision.

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