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Saturday, December 12, 2020

Prank-O Wine Labels !!

When looking to inject humor into celebratory events, you might want to consider a series of prank wine labels (you won't get these at the LCBO). Each set comes with a back and a front label. They are both hilarious, and they are both removable/reusable for multiple experiences. Just apply them over existing labels, and then easily remove them later for other viewings with other, different guests at future dinners.

One such wine label is "Sloppy Girl Wines" (front label) with text on the back label that reads "Sloppy Girl Vineyard redefines what it means to act like a lady. During the vinification process of this light little beauty, we reverse the bonding effect of the tannins, which negates the wine's ability to fuse to fabrics and skin, hiding inevitable stains at bay." Dyn-no-myte -- and useful too !!

You can find more info at
and at   (which describes wine to accompany roadkill, from the Highway's Bounty Winery).

There is also The Happy Napper from Sonoma, touted as a sleep-aid, and the Chateau La-Di-Da from the Fancy Du Schmancy Winery in France. More are in development...

Price? For multiple entertaining, a mere $5 USD for each set of front and back labels, from     or   
They ship to Canada too....

Enjoy the fun of the holidays!!!

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