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Friday, October 12, 2007


MINDLESS EATING; why we eat more than we think (Random House Audio,
2007, RHCD 1048, abridged, 5.5 hours on 5 CDs, ISBN 978-0-7393-4037-9,
$39.95 set) is by Brian Wansink, a food psychologist who is director of
the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab. He's a marketing and
nutritional science prof. It's a bit of a screed, read by the author
himself, about why we may not realize how much we are eating, what we
are eating, or - as he puts it - "why we are even eating at all". After
all, eating is a basic function, but sometimes it becomes all
obsessive. His audiobook gives us the facts and lore that we'll need in
order to make healthier decisions and choices at the table, in the
restaurant, out in the supermarket, and at the office. Wansink even
says that we can lose ten to 20 pounds over a year, just by paying
attention to details and not denying ourselves. The book has been
abridged by Lynn Lauper, and the abridgement possibly improves on the
original book by cutting to the chase.
Audience and level of use: those who want a slow but steady weight
Some interesting or unusual facts: He's written three professional
books on food and consumer behaviour.
The downside to this book: there is neither index nor table of contents
to figure out where you are in the audiobook.
The upside to this book:
Quality/Price Rating: 88.


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