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Thursday, October 11, 2007

TRADE EVENT: G7 Portuguese Wine Tasting, Toronto, October 9, 2007

The Time and Date: Tuesday, October 9, 2007 2:30PM - 6 PM

The Event: "Art in a Glass" - a wine tasting of Portugal's G7 wine

The Venue: Ontario College of Art and Design

The Target Audience: wine press, sommeliers, LCBO, private consumers.

The Availability/Catalogue: a full range of wines were presented, both entry
level and high end, some on the General List, others Vintages, and still
more on Consignment. The catalogue was full (and mostly correct), with
vintages, regions, agents' names, names of the grape varietals, and alcohol
content. Its only drawback was its physical structure: the letter size paper
in a spiral binding was too big and floppy.

The Quote: A highly placed official told me "Sogrape has left the group, but
J. Portugal Ramos has every intention of joining".

The Wines: we actually tasted only six producers since Sogrape has left.
With J. Portugal Ramos in line for joining, three of the new G7 will be
repped in Ontario by FWP Trading. I did not taste every wine. Here are my
quality/price ratings (value for the dollar) for my faves:

**** Four Stars (90 - 93):

- Quinta da Garrida Reserva 2003 Alianca ($24.95, PMA Canada)

- Quinta das Baceladas Bairrada 2004 Alianca ($21.95, PMA Canada)

- Quinta dos Quatro Ventos Douro 2005 ($27.95, PMA Canada)

- Aveleda Follies Alvarinho 2006 ($15.95, Vintages)

- Aveleda Follies Touriga Nacional/Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 ($22, Maxxium)

- Tinto da Anfora Grande Escolha 2005 Bacalhoa ($40, FWP Trading)

- Palacio da Bacalhoa 2004 ($45, FWP Trading)

- Esporao Reserve White 2006 Finagra ($17.95, Vintages)

- Esporao Reserve Red 2004 Finagra ($25.95, Vintages)

- Periquita White 2006 Jose Maria da Fonseca ($9.45, P. Dandurand)

- Quinta de Camarate 2005 Fonseca ($14.95, P. Dandurand)

- Dao Quinta de Penedo 2006 Messias ($21.95, Signature)

*** Three Stars (86 - 89)

- Quinta da Garrida Dao 2004 Alianca ($13.95, PMA Canada)

- Charambra 2005 Aveleda Douro ($8.65, General List)

- Aveleda Follies Chardonnay/Maria Gomes 2006 ($18.95, Vintages)

- Meia Pipa 2005 Bacalhoa ($15.15, FWP Trading)

- So Touriga 2003 Bacalhoa ($24.80, FWP Trading)

- Monte Velho Red 2006 Finagra ($12.95, Vintages)

- Vinha da Defesa Red 2005 ($22.71 licensee, FWP Trading)

- Periquita Reserva 2004 Fonseca ($14.95, P. Dandurand)

- Quinta do Cachao Touriga Franca 2004 Douro Messias ($21.45, Signature)

- Quinta do Cachao Grande Escolha 2004 Douro Messias ($23.45, Signature)

The Food: La Petite Fete did the catering - great chicken liver pate, smoked
trout on scallion biscuits, polenta with goat cheese, plus assorted quality
cheeses (blues, cheddars, triple cremes, etc.) at room temperature.

The Downside: I couldn't take home any of the meerkat figurines which were
on display.

The Upside: lots of room to hang out, and some friends to talk over the

The Contact Person:

The Effectiveness (numerical grade): 84 (it was lightly attended, many
people were still away over Thanksgiving).



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