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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: THE ASIAN BARBECUE BOOK; from teriyaki to tandoori

THE ASIAN BARBECUE BOOK; from teriyaki to tandoori, 125 tantalizing
recipes for your grill (Tuttle Publishing, 2009; distr. Ten Speed
Press, 176 pages, ISBN 978-0-8048-4044-6, $29.95 US hard covers) is by
Alex Skaria, a cook at a yacht club in Bangkok who also specializes in
huge BBQ gatherings for up to 200 people. Asian BBQ is perfect for the
combination of sweet-sour-hot-spicy dishes. Much of it favours kebabs,
short ribs, wings, and fish – the small stuff. So the grilling elements
can also be small hibachis and similar equipment. The book also
attempts to cover sides, salads, and desserts. Avoirdupois measurements
are used in the recipes, but there is no metric table of equivalencies.
There are 125 recipes in all.
Audience and level of use:  BBQ lovers
Some interesting or unusual recipes/facts: caramelized mangoes, baingan
bhurta, tandoori pork ribs, tomato pomegranate dip, grilled garlic
pepper jumbo shrimp.
The downside to this book: nothing really, looks fairly complete.
The upside to this book: good notes on the Asian pantry.
Quality/Price Rating: 91.

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