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Friday, July 31, 2009

Hesitating at the Gate (shameless plug)

Hesitating at the Gate
Reflections on Aging
by Ann Tudor
Toronto: Molten Gold (a division of Gothic Epicures), 2009. 96p. pa. illus.
ISBN 13-978-0-92000307-7.
PRICE: $15.00 plus $3.00 shipping & handling
ORDERING INFORMATION: Order through (using PayPal) or email
the author at

This collection of wry, dry essays and poems is an answer to the heartfelt
plea: "Help! I'm entering the Land of Old!" Ann Tudor says things about
aging that no one else is saying, in a unique voice. She offers insights
but no solutions. This is not inspirational writing on the topic of growing
old; the word "subversive" comes to mind. Or the phrase "a breath of fresh
air." You might laugh. You might cry. But you will surely have a different
view of aging after reading this book.

The Land of Old isn't nearly as lonely and frightening when you go there in
the company of this unorthodox author, whose frank response to the aging
process will make you grimace with recognition.

Anyone who has ever grown old, who is currently growing older, or who
suspects that growing older is in his/her future will want to read this
book. It is also an ideal gift for friends and relatives who have grown
old, are currently growing older . . . and so forth.

Ann Tudor uses the events and emotions of her life in all her writings. She
is the author and narrator of three spoken-word CDs: Tales from My Table:
Food for Thought; Rosie & the Angels: Scenes from the Journey; and I Love
Pie: An Opinionated Hands-on How-to for Making Pie Crust, Biscuit Dough,
and More. In her lifetime she has been and done many things, either full-
or part-time: copy editor, managing editor, church organist,
artist/craftsperson (altered and handmade books, fiber arts), pianist,
cellist, hands-on healer, and avid reader. At various times she has taught
breadmaking, French, and overtone singing and has read her work to
enthusiastic audiences. Visit for more information.


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