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Monday, July 12, 2010

For Career Changers interested in Wine

Dear Readers,

As a wine writer, foodie, and cookbook reviewer, I have the pleasure of mixing with most of the top national and Ontario region wine & spirit agencies.  Many people, from amateur enthusiasts to die-hard oenophiles, enjoy having access to fantastic products and events based on my recommendations.  I am sometimes in a position to liaise between those individuals who want to immerse themselves deeper into the glamorous lifestyle of this industry...and the professionals who are only too glad to take on an enthusiastic candidate to work with them.  In particular the smaller consignment-based wine agencies are often willing to offer part-time commissioned sales work to sommelier-certified (or in-progress) 'sub-contractors' who would like to take on a small territory or demographic to service on their behalf.  If you are thinking about crossing over, then I would be willing to refer you to some of these agencies....with the hope that both parties will benefit from the introduction.  This is NOT an offer to become a Human Resources department!  I'm quite happy to continue with all of my current actives, nor would I want it to compromise any boundaries that should exist to remain an independent critic.  Caveat aside, if there is interest in this type of introduction then let me know: I could do a one time post of some agent contact information or you could simply just send me an email via this blog.
Dean Tudor

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