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Friday, September 23, 2011


UNDERSTANDING WINE TECHNOLOGY; the science of wine explained. 3rd ed.
(Wine Appreciation Guild-DBQA Publishing, 2011; distr. McArthur, 307
pages, ISBN 978-1-934259-60-3, $44.95 US paper covers) is by David
Bird, MW. Previous editions have been praised by a wide range of wine
writers and industry personnel. His book is virtually essential reading
for students of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust Diploma and Institute
of Master of Wine examinations. It was first published in 2000, with a
second edition in 2005. Currently, then, it appears to be on a five-
year cycle. It is five dollars more retail, but has 50 more pages.
Updated sections include HACCP (hazard analysis and control) for
wineries, more detail on the making of red, pink, white sweet,
sparkling and fortified wines, and new information on histamine, flash
d├ętente, maceration, whole bunch and whole berry fermentation. It's a
very clear book written for the non-scientist and wine student.
Chapters deal with grapes, vineyards, the must, fermentations, types of
wine, wood, filtration, additives, bottling lines, quality assurances,
legislation and regulations. There are also expanded chapters on wine
faults and wine tasting. A bibliography and glossary complete the
package. Lots of photos, diagrams, and tables when and where needed.
But there could also have been a discussion on LEED certification for
wineries, and more details on organic, biodynamic, and sustainable
viticulture. Still, a book for all wine lovers who want to know more
about what they are drinking. A must purchase. Quality/price rating:  90.

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