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Friday, December 2, 2011

French Wine Connection, Organiic and Biodynamic wines

The Date and Time: Monday November 7, 2011   11AM to 5 PM

The Event: French Wine Connection Organic and Biodynamic Wines

The Venue: Park Hyatt Roof Top

The Target Audience: wine media, wine trade.

The Availability/Catalogue: about half the wineries already had agents or were about to sign on. Most everything is private order at this point, although some are at Vintages or in Consignment.

The Quote/Background: it was a very well attended show, quite crowded. There were a lot of Evian and Badoit waters.

The Wines: Some of the wines were "in transition". I did not taste every wine. Prices are given when offered.


**** BEST -- Four Stars (91+ in Quality/Price Rating terms):

-Brocard Chablis Vieilles Vignes 2009 (Prevedello & Mathews)

-Caves Jean Bourdy Chardonnay Cotes du Jura 1959 ($305, MCO)

-Andrieu Moulin Des Nonnes 2010 Languedoc-Roussillon Blanc

-Petit Roubie Syrah 2010 Languedoc-Roussillon

-Petit Roubie L'Arbre Blanc 2006 Languedoc-Roussillon

-Le Clos de Caveau Lao Muse 2007 Rouge Vacqueyras (Case for Wine)

-Vignobles Gilles Louvet O Cabernet/Merlot 2010 IGP Oc (Eurovintage)


***1/2 BETTER -- Three and a Half Stars (8890 in Quality/Price Rating terms):

-Chateau des Seigneurs de Pommyers 2008 Bordeaux Rouge

-Chateau des Seigneurs de Pommyers 2009 Bordeaux Rouge

-Chateau Pouchaud-Larquey 2008 Bordeaux Rouge

-Chateau de Lagarde L de Lagarde 2010 Bordeaux Rouge

-Chateau de Lagarde L'Authentique 2010 Bordeaux Rouge

-Chateau de Lagarde 2010 Bordeaux Blanc

-Chateau de Lagarde La Joly 2009 Bordeaux Superieur Rouge, 12 Euros

-Brocard Chablis La Boissonneuse 2009 (Prevedello & Mathews)

-Brocard Chablis Vau de Vey 1er cru 2009 (Prevedello & Mathews)

-Brocard Chablis Cote de Lechet 1er cru 2009 (Prevedello & Mathews)

-Brocard Chablis Vaulorent 1er cru 2009 (Prevedello & Mathews)

-Renaud Boyer Saint Romain 2010

-Renaud Boyer Bourgogne Blanc 2010

-Caves Jean Bourdy Chateau-Chalon 2003 ($125, MCO)

-Andrieu Olivier 2010 Languedoc-Roussillon Blanc

-Petit Roubie Picpoul de Pinet 2010 Languedoc-Roussillon

-Valescure Gris de Gris Domaine de la Fourmi 2010 Rose

-Domaine du Closel Savennieres Le Clos du Papillon 2007

-La Croix des Pins Cuvee Phi 2006 Ventoux Rouge

-Le Clos de Caveau Fruit Sauvage 2009 Rouge Vacqueyras ($23, Case for Wine)

-Le Clos de Caveau Carmin Brillant 2009 Rouge Vacqueyras (Case for Wine)

-Vignoble La Coterie Vaucluse 2010 (Rouge et Blanc)

-Vignoble Muscat de Beaumes de Venise 2010 (Rouge et Blanc)

-Vin Attitude Generations Futures 2010 Ventoux (Kylix)

-Vignobles Gilles Louvet Pech Matelles Marselan 2010 IGP Bouches du Rhone +148684, $13.95 Vintages

-Vignobles Gilles Louvet O Chardonnay 2010 IGP Oc (Eurovintage)

-Vignobles Gilles Louvet Esprit du Sud 2010 +104919 $14.95 Vintages


*** GOOD -- Three Stars (8587 in Quality/Price Rating terms):

-Chateau des Seigneurs de Pommyers 2010 Bordeaux Entre-Deux-Mers, 4.50 Euros

-Chateau Pouchaud-Larquey 2009 Bordeaux Rouge

-Chateau Pouchaud-Larquey 2010 Bordeaux Entre-Deux-Mers, 4.40 Euros

-Chateau de Lagarde Cuvee Prestige 2009 Bordeaux Rouge

-Renaud Boyer Puligny Montrachet 2010

-Caves Jean Bourdy Cotes du Jura 2007 Rouge ($26, MCO)

-Andrieu Domaine La Reze 2010 Languedoc-Roussillon Blanc

-Petit Roubie Merlot 2010 Languedoc-Roussillon

-Petit Roubie Tannat 2010 Languedoc-Roussillon

-Petit Roubie Le P'tit Roublie Blanc 2010 Languedoc-Roussillon

-La Croix des Pins 2009 Ventoux Blanc

-Vin Attitude Generations Futures 2010 Rhone (Kylix)

-Vignobles Gilles Louvet O Sauvignon 2010 IGP Oc (Eurovintage)


The Food: cheeses, fruits, breads, crackers, cold cuts.

The Downside: unfortunately, I arrived late, at 3 PM, and they had almost run out of food.

The Upside: it was good to see a lot of people.

The Contact Person:

The Event's Marketing Effectiveness and Execution (numerical grade): 93.


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