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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Launch of Pan American Food Festival, Aug 8 through August 10

The Date and Time: Monday, July 21, 2014  2PM to 4PM
The Event: media presser for the second annual Pan American Food Festival, slotted for Friday, August 8 through Sunday August 10.
The Venue: Valdez Restaurant, King Street
The Target Audience: wine and food writers and bloggers
The Quote/Background: The Pan American Food Festival is the only festival in the world that celebrates the food and culture of the Western Hemisphere. It returns to Toronto for a second year (Aug 8 – 10) and at least a third year in 2015, when it will be in mid-July at the same time as the Pan Am Games. [I have mixed feelings about this timing since it may be overwhelmed by the Games; my own thoughts would be to have it immediately before or afterward]. Daniel Gorcia Herros (Festival Director), Mary Luz Meija (culinary director), and Francisco Alvarez (Board chair) spoke about the PanAm Festival which will be held at Daniels Spectrum, 585 Dundas East at Regent Park. This year, 41 countries will be represented, including 20 Pan American chefs demoing dishes. This year's feature chef is South Florida's Norman Van Aken, considered the founder of fusion Latin New World cuisine (he's on at 3PM Saturday Aug 9). The Host country is Peru, which is bringing up Chef Roger Arakaki from Lima. As part of the festival, there is the Totalmente Tamales Competition, Pan/orama art exhibit, a Wine a& Spirits Salon, and a Youth World Cup football-soccer event. Out on the street there will be a Pan American Market with food vendors, tourism information, and merchandise. For more details, visit Facebook (PanamericanFoodFestival) and, which has the schedule.
The Wines: we had no alcohol, just water
The Food: cornmeal empanada (beef, potato, and pea mix) and hot sauce, followed by wood-toasted bread with chicken and a tangerine mayo dressing, both prepared by Chef Steve Gonzalez (who will be representing Columbia at the event).
The Contact Person: Amanda Fruci,
The Event's Marketing Effectiveness and Execution (numerical grade): 90.

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