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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

FOOD BOOK OF THE MONTH -- Allergy-Free Pantry (The Experiment)

2.THE ALLERGY-FREE PANTRY (The Experiment, 2014, 314 pages, ISBN 978-1-61519-208-3, $19.95 US paper covers) is by Colette Martin, a food writer specializing in allergy-free foods. It is directed to those eaters suffering from multiple allergies, principally children. She gives advice and recipes for making your own snacks and staples without wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, nuts – six of the top eight allergens (the other two are fish and shellfish). First up in her book is "avoiding contamination", then comes "ingredients and substitutions" followed by clean equipment and "storage considerations". Once the kitchen is clean, she moves on to flour blends and mixes, non-dairy milk, replacing eggs, meals (breakfast, sides, pasta and pizza, freezer meals) followed by savoury and sweet snacks/desserts. There is much material on being careful and measuring everything, as well as a resources list. Each recipe has substitutions and variations, if possible. Her book has 110 preps, and there is a lot more material at her website You can avoid reading small labels at stores if you do this yourself, and avoid possible contamination: save time and money, and be reassured of a healthy life. Preparations have their ingredients listed in mainly metric and avoirdupois measurements, but there is only a table of metric flour weight equivalents.
Audience and level of use: allergy sufferers.
Some interesting or unusual recipes/facts: sunflower seed butter, hamburger buns, powdered donut holes, animal crackers.
Quality/Price Rating: 92.

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