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Monday, December 1, 2014

The Event: Eat to the Beat Willow Oct 21/14

The Date and Time: Tuesday, October 21, 2014 7PM to 10 PM
The Event: Eat to the Beat
The Venue: Roy Thomson Hall
The Target Audience: fundraiser
The Availability/Catalogue: There is a catalogue listing all the chefs
and the beverages.
The Quote/Background: This is the annual fundraiser for Willow Breast
Cancer Support Canada, and it raised about $217,000 this time. For 19
years, Eat to the Beat has celebrated 60 female chefs while raising
funds and awareness. More than $3.5 million has been raised during that
time. There were silent auctions, raffles, mystery bags, and sponsors
that illuminated the affair.
The Wines: My wife and I tried to get everywhere, but missed one
section, so we never tasted Steamwhistle, Casa Dea, Cottonwood Agencies, or Rosewood. We were interested in cider at Waupoos Winery, but they only brought wines. But we got some stunning Riesling 2012 from Charles Baker, some Fresita [strawberry and white wine from Chile] from Churchill Cellars, and white and red wines from Lailey Vineyard (Sauvignon Blanc 2013, $20; Chardonnay 2011, $20; and Syrah 2012, $27). To make up in the beverage category, we went after tasting samples of Hockley Valley Beers (Amber, Dark, 100, Classic) and Beau's Ale – great refreshments on a hot, steamy night inside
the RTH lobby.
The Food: the 60 chefs included Lindsay Haddock (Scaramouche, valrhona cream puff chocolate tart whipped dulcey ganache), Nuit Regular (Sabai Sabai, chor meung dim sum), Andrea Nicholson (Killer Condiments, pork hock terrine brioche with almond pesto and maple caramelized onions), Vanessa Yeung (Aphrodite Cooks, Chinese baked buns, Nappa slaw beef brisket, chile aioli), Trista Sheen (Crush, grilled pork belly taco with coconut crème fraiche), Netty Cronish (Fair Trade quinoa salad with organic tomatoes and eggplant), Sandra Katsiou and Erin Featherstone (Baker and Scone, cheddar cheese scones with caramelized onion and bacon jam), Paula Bashford (Beretta Farms, Asian braised beef with kimchi and pork crackling on a rice cup), Kimberly Humby (East & Main Bistro, lobster grilled cheese with smoked water buffalo cheddar), Joshna Maharj and Rossy Earle (Ryerson University, mole braised beef cheek tostadas), and Tara Lee (Skin and Bones, stuffed mussels). Yummy all…These were all our faves.
The Downside: I bid on some dinners – never got any of them at my bid level…
The Upside: the 20 or so cheeky corset models and the live jazz.
The Contact Person: Shana Coppen <>
The Event's Marketing Effectiveness and Execution (numerical grade): 95.


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