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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Event: 6th edition of FOOD SENSATIONS at Sub-Zero March 21

The Date and Time:  Wednesday March 21 2018  4PM to 7PM
The Event: 6th edition of FOOD SENSATIONS
The Venue: SUB-ZERO Showroom, King St East
The Target Audience: food writers and bloggers, lifestyle opinion shapers.
The Availability/Catalogue: There were good notes on the food, with descriptive details. Most would be available through Whole Foods, Organic Garage, The Big Carrot, Sobeys, and others.
The Quote/Background: Not unlike the movies SENSATION HUNTERS (1933) and SENSATIONS OF 1945, both of which dealt with cabaret, it was a mini-trade show of select foods new to the Toronto-Ontario markets. The collective presentation gave us some insight into what is new for spring here in Hogtown. The wines were not part of the show presentations, but all three were Italian (white, two reds).
The Food: AGROPUR was there showing off its "world's best Camembert", the L'Extra 170gr, fresh from its camembert tasting at the World Championship Cheese Contest (Madison, Wisconsin) March 6 – 8. Delicious with apricots and figs, biscuits, walnuts. Terrific paste. Les Viandes DU BRETON (with its ethical and responsible agriculture) showed off its "rustic" boneless pork loin filet" (pigs from family farms. No antibiotics, grain-fed, Certified Humane for pigs in Canada) a category available in three flavours of chipotle & lime, Mexican BBQ, and curry ($16.39 per kg). They also have a "rustic Black Forest smoked bacon" ($6.99 250g) and an "organic bacon" ($8.99 250g). Mounds of flavour in the bacon. For dessert, we had LACREM vegan ice cream, made from soy milk. You really could not tell the difference between dairy-egg ice cream and vegan ice cream. Real flavours are derived from Chai Tea, Earl Grey Tea, Lemon Meringue Pie, Vanilla and Maple. I loved the Maple but my ultimate fave was the Lemon and Poppy Seed ice cream. Available in 473 mL cup portions. At the end there was CAMELLIA SINENSIS tea, with teapots. They offered a number of Bristol Chais, based on either black tea or green tea. And also  herbs (rooibos, cardamom, cinnamon, etc.). Good palate cleansers. We also tried the CAFFITALY System of coffee. They have their own machines but the capsules are also compatible with Nespresso. We had the Robusto coffee blend, presumably named after the robusto varietal of coffee bean – full intense espresso flavours with bitter cocoa and dark chocolate. Plus whipped milk. And on the way out, we had the amazing AMARELLI liquirizia, created in 1731 in Calbria. It's a licorice candy, good for the digestion. There's a mint-flavoured version as well as a dark chocolate, all coming in a 20g or 40g metal box.
The Downside: I think we were the oldest people there, and we did not have any cameras.
The Upside: a great experience to taste what's upcoming in this region.
The Contact Person:
The Event's Marketing Effectiveness and Execution (numerical grade): 88

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