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Sunday, November 18, 2018

The Event: Wines of Chile trade show Nov 7 2018

The Date and Time: Wednesday November 7, 2018 2PM to 5PM
The Event: Wines of Chile trade show
The Venue: ROM
The Target Audience: wine trade
The Availability/Catalogue: spiral bound listing by winery, with full contact info and varietal and price, etc. Seminar wines were listed but not available at a separate table in the main show (unlike previous years).
The Quote/Background: It was a packed show with a variety of sommeliers and wine media. John Szabo led the seminar (5 reasons to love Chile) of 10 wines.
The Wines: I did not taste every wine from the 26 or so wineries today, just as many as I could handle in a two hour time frame. The higher priced wines are generally available through PoW (private orders).
**** BEST -- Four Stars (91+ in Quality/Price Rating terms):
-Aresti Codigo de Familia 380 Assemblage 2012 Curico, $65  Lexcellent PoW
-Emiliana Organic Vineyards Coyam 2016 Colchagua, $29.95  +63891
-Errazuriz Don Maximiano 2015 Aconcagua, $84  +501247
-Garces Silva Amayna Syrah 2015 Leyda, $28.95   Sylvestre
-Indomita Zardoz Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 Maipo, $26.95  Rare Earth PoW
-La Ronciere Quiron Cabernet Sauvignon Colchagua 2014, $38   Wine Lovers
-Luis Felipe Edwards Dona Bernarda Colchagua 2014, $35.99   Noble Estates
-Montes Alpha M 2014 Colchagua Valley, $89.95  +914580
-Santa Ema Gran Reserva Chardonnay Leyda, $16.95 +542365
-Santa Rita Casa Real Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 Maipo, $80   EJGallo
-Valdivieso Caballo Loco Grand Cru 2013 Maipo, $52.99  Wine Lovers
-Valdivieso Caballo Loco Grand Cru Syrah 2014 Limari, $52.99  Wine Lovers
-Valdivieso Caballo Loco Sparkling Brut Nature Chardonnay/Pinot Noir Bio Bio, $44.99 Wine Lovers
-Valdivieso Sparkling Extra Brut Chardonnay/Pinot Noir Bio Bio-Itata $21.99 Wine Lovers
-Ventisquero Enclave 2013 Pirque, $74.95   Univins
-Ventisquero Tara Chardonnay 2015 Atacama, $39.90 +511337
***1/2 BETTER -- Three and a Half Stars (88 – 90 in Quality/Price Rating terms):
-Veramonte Neyen 215 Apalta, $59.95
-Aresti Family Collection Assemblage 2014 Curico, $29.95  Lexcellent
-Aresti Trisquel Assemblage 2016 Curico, $19.95  Lexcellent
-Casa Silva Microterroir Carmenere 2011 Colchagua, $59  Churchill
-Casas del Bosque Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 Maipo, $24.95 +353086 March 2019
-Casas del Bosque Syrah Pequenas Producciones 2017 Casablanca, $44.95 N/A
-La Ranciere Licaten Cabernet Sauvignon Curico Coast 2016, $22.95  Wine Lovers
-Luis Felipe Edwards LFE900 Single Vineyard Colchagua 2014, $29.99   Noble Estates
-Perez Cruz Chaski Petit Verdot 2014 Maipo Andes, $29.85  +386564
-Montes Alpha Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 Colchagua, $19.95  +322586
-Santa Alicia Millantu 2016 Maipo, $24.95  +469288
-Santa Alicia Gran Reserva Chardonnay 2017 Maipo, $16.95  +406991
-Santa Ema Gran Reserva Sauvignon Blanc Leyda, $15.95 +443507
-Santa Ema Gran Reserva Syrah Leyda, $18.95 +371161
-Santa Ema Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon Maipo, $18.95 +485557
-Sutil Acrux 2014 Colchagua, $39.99   Philip Mirabelli
-Ventisquero Vertice 2015 Colchagua-Apalta, $34.95  +386911
-Maquis Viola Colchagua 2013, $50  +578013
The Food: pate, cold cuts, international cheeses, breads, pickles, mustards, jams.
The Downside: I arrived later than I wanted to. There was no separate table for the seminar wines, but I did find a few on the agency stands.
The Upside: a good way to catch up with changes in the Chilean wine industry.
The Contact Person:
The Event's Marketing Effectiveness and Execution (numerical grade): 88


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