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Friday, May 8, 2009


THE SCIENCE OF GOOD FOOD (Robert Rose, 2008, 624 pages, ISBN 978-0-
7788-0189-4, $37.95 Canadian, soft covers) is by the team of David
Joachim (involved in more than 30 cookbooks), Andrew Schloss (past
president of IACP), and A. Philip Handel (who direct Hospitality
Management at Drexel University). It is alphabetically arranged, from
abalone to zucchini. The 1600 entries plus explain the physical and
chemical transformations in food preps. Each entry has an explanation
of the science behind the food, equipment or cooking method. Major
topics embrace agriculture, food and safety, animals, and flavours,
along with kitchen wisdom, equipment and techniques. There are many
cross-references, such as "see" and "see also". As well, there are 200
illustrations and photos and 100 demonstrative recipes to show
principles such as deep frying. There are tables on "how it works" and
"what it does". The book concludes with a bibliography and website
listing, plus an index to pull in all the references found in other
Audience and level of use: a reference book, good to poke around in,
although a bit heavy in size for the bedside and/or the john.
Some interesting or unusual recipes/facts: stuffed lamb's hearts with
bacon and mushroom; acorn squash filled with pumpkin seed risotto;
basil ricotta ice cream; beta-carrotene cake; chipotle consommé;
tomatillos jalapeno jam.
The downside to this book: for a reference book like this, I'd pay a
few more dollars to get a hard bound copy [I just found out was available for (ISBN 978-0-7788-0205-1) $54.95 CDN.
The upside to this book: recipe titles are listed in red in the index.
Quality/Price Rating: 90.

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