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Sunday, May 10, 2009

TASTING: FENADEGAS Portuguese Wine, April 14, 2009

The Time and Date: Tuesday April 14, 2009 2:30pm to 6pm
The Event: FENADEGAS: The National Federation of Wine Cellar Co-
operatives of Portugal, supported by the European Union, including
Vinho Verdes, Ports and Moscatels from all major regions of Portugal.
Wineries: Almeirim/Arruda, Caves Vale do Rodo, Favaios, Pegões, Santa
Marta, Soadegas, Udaca, Vercoope.
The Venue: Brassaii Bistro Lounge
The Target Audience: sommeliers, LCBO, wine press.
The Availability/Catalogue: there was an oversized booklet, with photos
of the bottles. But as always happens at trade shows, listed bottles do
not always appear and others are substituted. No prices were listed.
The Quote/Background: FENADEGAS represents a consortium of wine cellar
co-operatives that has been promoting their wines for more than seven
years. This group - known as A9 - represents twenty-seven associated
companies and substantially more than 20% of Portugal's wine
production. Their wine cellars are modern, competitive, and steeped in
histories that reflect the traditions and terroirs of their wine
The Wines: I did not taste every wine offered.
**** Four Stars (91+ in Quality/Price Rating terms):
-Adega Almerim Varandas Ribatejo 2005 Tinto
-Adega Almerim Varandas Ribatejo 2008 Branco
-Arruda dos Vinhos Moinhos do Ceu 2007
-Arruda dos Vinhos Estremadura Colheita Seleccionada 2006
-Caves Santa Marta Reserva 2005 Red
-Caves Santa Marta Montes Pintados 2005 Red
-Caves Vale do Rodo Don Tedon Reserve 2005 Red
-Favaios Moscatel Reserva 2004
-Favaios Moscatel 10 Years
-Soadegas Marco Velho Colheita Seleccionada 2005 Red
-UDACA Adro de Se Reserva Red 2004
***1/2 Three and a Half Stars (88 – 90 in Quality/Price Rating terms):
-Caves Santa Marta Port 10 Years
-Caves Vale do Rodo Reccua 10 Years Port
-Favaios Moscatel 2005
-Pegoes Adega Syrah 2007
*** Three Stars (85 – 87 in Quality/Price Rating terms):
-Adega Almerim Marachas Talia Regional 2007 Branco
-Adega Almerim Marachas Syrah Aragonez Regional 2007
-Caves Santa Marta 2008 White
-Caves Santa Marta 2006 Red
-Pegoes Colheita Seleccionada White 2008
-Peghoes White 2008 Muscat
-Soadegas Festivo 2007 Red
-Soadegas Condado de Alenquer 2006 Red
The Food: great lamb lollipops, sliders, shrimp, salt cod, passarounds,
cheese, breads, and more.
The Downside: the attendance seemed to be relatively light, but then
there were only eight tables.
The Upside: a great chance to catch up with recent outstanding
Portuguese wines.
The Contact Person:
The Marketing Effectiveness (numerical grade): 91.

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